Here are a few reviews on The Other Side of Charm: Your Memoir.
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“Your book is extraordinary. I think you’ve done the best job of capturing the emotional experience of being with a psychopath that I’ve ever read. The shock, the confusion, the self-doubt, the horror, the outrage… I have never seen it all so eloquently expressed.”
-Donna Anderson, blogger,
“H.G. Beverly perfectly captured the impossible nightmare that unfolds when a psychopath latches onto an unsuspecting target. You won’t be able to put this book down. The author has a great deal of insight into her own character, which makes for a fast-paced story that is introspective, emotional, and a testament to the empathetic human spirit. It tugs on your heart and won’t let go.”
-Jackson MacKenzie, author and blogger,
“This is a brilliant, riveting, and highly emotional exploration of what it’s like to be helpless against evil. You will not want to believe that something like this could happen. You will want to believe that there is too much justice in the world for something like this to occur. But Beverly will show you that it does. And you won’t be able to look away.”
-Sharon Rawlette, author and blogger
“Every judge, lawyer, & counselor should be REQUIRED to read this memoir.”
-Donna Hickman, blogger
“Your book is beautifully written. I was captivated within the first couple sentences and could not stop reading until the end. It’s been a while since I’ve read such a touching, heartbreaking, emotionally captivating and beautiful book as yours. It has left a deep impression on my heart and mind, and I just wanted to say thank you for writing it. Your writing style made it all that much more unique and captured so many emotions.”

“Thank you for being the voice of those that can’t find their own. Thank you for fighting to shed light on this darkness. If you do a book tour or become a traveling advocate, please come to Southwest Virginia!”


“It is indeed brilliantly written, and is causing me to wonder how many times I’ve been taken in by such ruthless deployers of unscrupulous charm. The book is an essential read if only because it poses that question to all of us in a way that permits no evasion.”
-Pete Hulme, psychologist and blogger