Recommended link: The Invisibility of Evil

I’m so taken by this review. Wonderful! I love the honesty about his struggle to believe and not to blame. Such a human response—I think many people will be tempted to wonder about me. Some of my experiences are just too hard to fathom.

Everybody Means Something

charmcoverwebsiteI have just started to read a book I bought as a result of Sharon Rawlette’s powerful review. The book is so compelling I thought I’d better not wait to finish reading it before flagging up its existence, most of all perhaps because, if my several searches are anything to go by, it puzzlingly seems to still lie below the radar of mainstream and professional reviewers. It’s perhaps no coincidence that, at this point, all four reviewers on the US Amazon site seem to be women. We’ve met this problem of remorseless malignity before on this blog, but scarcely at all from the point of view of the victim, yet this surely is an important perspective we should not ignore.

I am not even half-way through the book yet, but its perfectly chosen, breathless stifling style creates in me, as reader, the same trapped feelings of relentless pressure, confusion…

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Published by: H.G. Beverly

H.G. Beverly is a psychotherapist and author who is fascinated by the development of strong characters through difficult relationships. She has unique expertise in personality disorders and offers readers an insider's view of intimate life with psychopaths, sociopaths, and narcissists. Sometimes dark, sometimes ecstatic, her writing explores the full spectrum of what it means to love people who fool and hurt you—and how to rise again to love people who don't. Find her at

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