The Invisibility of Evil

Here’s a clear and insightful book review on “The Other Side of Charm.” Many thanks to Sharon Rawlette. Visit her site for more of her published articles and reviews.

Sharon Hewitt Rawlette

Other Side of Charm “You will learn that when the truth isn’t pretty, expected, or delivered with a fair dose of charm, people will almost always put their faith in a lie.” So reads one of many chilling lines in H.G. Beverly ‘s recently released memoir The Other Side of Charm , about her unwitting marriage to a sociopath.

Before her marriage to Wyatt, Beverly believed–as I imagine most of us do–that evil is recognizable. “Like most anyone else,” she says, “you’ll think that evil must be somewhat easy to identify it might come right at you with a gun or it might have squinty or buggy eyes or it might be a man trying to trick you into his car or it might be a creepy uncle who pats little children on the bottom all the time.” But evil came to her in the form of a charming, romantic man she’d known since they were kids…

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