I found a skilled therapist who’s supposed to be the ONE who can help with the doubtful task of deprogramming my children from alienation.

The retainer fee?

Twenty grand.

Yes, I said $20,000 down—that’s what’s required to get started with two days of work together.

Needless to say, we haven’t made it yet.

Here’s a link to another woman who knows exactly what I mean when I say we can’t afford the help we need.

Had several horrible nightmares regarding my daughter and this whole situation again last night. They seemed so real. Wait, they are real. I will update more to the blog soon. I am very concerned regarding my 13 year old daughter’s well-being. Emailed my lawyer about them. I owe her more money so have not heard back. That’s how family court works. Children have to be “bought” and “sold” as do concerns, accountability, contempt, hearings, abuse, etc.


From Family Court Victim’s post, The Nightmare Continues.


7 thoughts on “20 GRAND”

  1. I wonder about an expert working on behalf of children who would charge $20,000. It sounds sketchy. It’s inappropriate to have to spend money on an expert to free a child from what experts have called “the worst form of child abuse” — money that should be kept in the family, for that child’s education, etc. Dealing with Parental Alienation is already extremely repressive & going down the tubes financially is more oppression.

    1. Financial oppression and destruction: abuse that can continue long after you try to escape. Because if they keep coming after you, in this instance through your children, then nearly every avenue available for healing, protection, and help costs a lot of money. I think this expert must be just playing on people’s desperation to see what he can get out of it. But he’s well-respected and educates about alienation around the country, so he’s also “on our side.” It’s a confusing mess when things that look like help also look like oppression and hopelessness.

      1. I pray for your reunification & the health of you & your family. I also have a blog aimed at youth who are victims of Parental Alienation (or their friends/siblings). Please let me know if you would want to contribute a post or page aimed at a teen audience.

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