Myth #1

Myth #1

If you were connected to your kids, they could never be alienated from you.

(Often followed by, so tell me why you can’t connect with your kids?)

Here’s reality:

I’ve heard this from multiple professionals right after they figured out that they didn’t know what to do to help.

Think of it from their perspective—who really knows how to help with alienation?

Very, very few people. Some texts say that no one knows. That there’s no proven and reliable method.

And that sometimes, in some cases, there’s just no point of return.

So it’s easy to turn and look at you. What’s wrong with you? Most professionals know how to talk about that.

And I’m not trying to say that victims of alienation are perfect.


I just want to reassure you that anyone in the world can be brainwashed, let alone a child. It happens all the time. And your “co-parent’s” behavior is not your fault. You don’t have to own it. It’s not yours.

Put that suitcase down.

Don’t go there.


2 thoughts on “Myth #1”

  1. We know from history what “Hitler was able to accomplish” as my ex once worded it. Hitler persuaded very well & fooled the world — meanwhile millions suffered. We know about cults & how they work to cut a person off from their families. We know how abused spouses defend & cling to their abusers. We know how gangs & cliques & friends influence teens, but the therapist involved in my case was unable to see how a man who was able to secure his 5th wife was able to manipulate his own teenage daughter. Thank you for enlightening the workings of parental alienation.

    1. Thank you!

      And you know, just in the past month I went to a court-appointed psychologist with my ex, and in our first appointment he told me that he does not believe in alienation or programming. Since that appointment, he has mocked me several times for my “outlandish” theories. He even volunteered that he believes Robert Gardner committed suicide because he was wrong and alienation doesn’t really exist. I’m flabbergasted that the court would assign my type of case to this type of professional. Or maybe I’m not.

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