Hostile Aggressive Parenting

Here’s an interesting test to take (see below).

My issue is that my ex has done every single action on this list. Every single one. Over and over and over again. But because he’s likable (very likable) and talks a lot about solid family values and wanting to make this work (when we’re in session with professionals), they tend to align with him. He manipulates them into viewing me as a problem. Of course, I’m not perfect. But no professional has ever confronted him on the ways he’s openly and consistently violated our parenting plan to extreme degrees—with evidence. No one that I know of. Ever.

Instead, they all ask me why I let it happen.

Every single time.

So I’m not sure whether this checklist will be helpful to you—but even if you’re in a situation like me, you still might find some affirmation here. I know I did.

Hostile Aggressive Parenting Checklist 


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